Friendly Units Edit

Friendly units, or your units, are little black dots that move about your base, and are used to Outtake any action you assign them. They are obtained though the house, but your will receive some (Amount Varies by level) at the beginning of each game.

They can be groups and assigned into four working categories. Each of these categories assign units to a different group of tasks, which the units will work on and complete automatically. All you have to do a assign the units into the categories, and they will be on their way!

  1. Construction
    1. Units in the category have a blue dot in the center of their body. Units assigned into this category will collect Materials and move them to the place in which a Module is in construction prompt. If there are no Construction prompts, construction prompts can be accessed, or the materials for needed to build the module are unavailable, construction units will aimlessly move around your base.
  2. Production
    1. Units assigned here will receive a green dot on their bodies and to move and stay in different Modules and 'work', to produce whatever that module offers. Carrier units will supply different materials to the modules they are working at, and these units will form/create the product.
  3. Carry
    1. Carry units, with their yellow center, deliver just about anything throughout your base. Wether or not its junk to the Junkyard, supplies to house modules, or materials to a laboratory, these units do it.
  4. Defense
    1. Defense units have a red dot on their bodies. They will run to turrets and stay inside, shooting enemies.

Enemy Units Edit

Enemy Units can be seen moving down Enemy Roads linked between enemy Modules. They have no propose and should not be worried about as they are just a visual display.