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Pearls are a basic type of materials in Achikaps.


As a basic resource, they almost always spawn on platforms at the beginning of a game. They are produced in factories, which has to be run with units and power from power stations. The speed of the production can be increased by the number of units working in it and motivators in production mode.


Pearls are used to build several modules in early/middle game:

  • Platforms (2)
  • Power stations (2)
  • Windmills (1)
  • Factories (2)
  • Farms (1)
  • Houses (5)
  • Junkyards (2)
  • Turrets (1)
  • Ammunitions (4)

And to produce other materials:

  • gums in Laboratories (1)
  • coins in minting factories (1)

Science center[]

Main article: Science center

Pearls are used in three upgrades :

  • Garbage factory (2)
  • Pearls production 1 (2)
  • Pacifier (1)