Modules are built or acquired. They are connected by roads and platforms.

Overview Edit

Types of Modules Edit

  • Infrastructure "Modules" - These modules are used to build your base and expand your base. They are found in the left build panel.
    • Passive infrastructure are the pieces that connect your base together and upon which things are built. They are relatively cheap, produce nothing, and once built require no upkeep.
    • Active infrastructure are modules which enhance the operation of other units. Their capacities are varied, some require supplies or produce materials autonomously (requiring no supplies).
  • Production - These modules produce materials. Each one produces a specific type of material. Production modules can be further broken into smaller categories. They are found in the middle build panel.
    • Primary producers - These produce materials. Units set on 'production' (green) will move to these modules and operate them. Primary producers do not work if there are no units operating them or power.
    • Refined producers - These produce materials, and behave just like primary producers. However, in addition to needing to be operated by units, they need to be supplied with precursor materials. Pressing on a module will show what materials are needed for production.
  • Auxiliary - These modules vary in usage. Each one is relatively unique, some producing units, some eating units. This category also includes defensive and offensive modules. They are found on the right build panel.
    • Defensive - These modules are used to defend your base. They (usually) need to be periodically supplied with resources in order to function. They shoot enemies and bases; without these you will die very quickly.

Module Behavior Edit

Paused - Paused modules temporarily do not function. This can be done manually or will occur automatically if the module is not being provided power, or in the case of defensive modules, the necessary materials run out. Paused modules have a red glow around them and the border dots stop moving. When a module is paused any units manning the module immediately leave and transportation units cease bringing the module further materials.

Armed - Only relevant for defensive and offensive modules. The border dots appear and move when the module is armed, each border dot indicates a remaining shot.

Range - The range of a module (one with an area of effect) can be seen by tapping on the module; this will show the overlapping ranges of all modules of similar type. When a module is paused, it's range indication will disappear.

Modules Edit

Module Quick Guide Edit

Module Construction


Default recipe Produces Manned/


Platform 2 Metal 2 Pearl - - -/-
Road 1 Metal - - -/-
Fast Road 1 Gum 1 Metal - - -/-
Power Station 3 Metal 2 Pearl Battery Power -/-
Windmill 6 Metal 2 Pearl - Battery -/-
Altar 3 Meat 1 Bone Bone 2x attack
Cargo Station 5 Metal 3 Food Drones -
Factory 4 Metal 2 Pearl - Pearl Yes
Mine 5 Metal - Metal Yes
Farm 3 Metal 1 Pearl - Meat Yes
Meat Grinder 6 Metal 1 Meat 1 Metal 2 Meat Food Yes
Laboratory 5 Metal 1 Food 1 Pearl 1 Meat 1 Food Gum Yes
Palace 6 Gum 2 Metal Gum/units - Yes
Bomb Workshop 6 Metal 1 Bone 1 Gum 1 Battery 1 A Bomb Yes
Drone Assembler 2 Gum 4 Metal 1 Gum 2 Metal 1 Battery Drones Yes
House 1 Metal 5 Pearl 4 Pearl 1 Food Units
Junkyard 5 Metal 2 Pearl - - -/-
Turret 3 Metal 1 Pearl A - Yes
Laser 3 Gum 4 Metal Battery - -/Yes
Ammunition 4 Metal 4 Pearl - A -/-
Bioreactor 9 Gum Units * Meat + * Bone
Airport 3 Gum 3 Metal 2 Bone Bomb Airplanes
Gum = gum, Metal = metal, Pearl =pearl, Meat = meat, Food = food, Bomb = bomb, Bone = bone, Battery = battery, A = ammo

Infrastructure "Modules" Edit

Passive Infrastructure Edit

Platform [2x metal, 2x pearl] Arguably the most important module in the game.

Road [1x metal] Going somewhere?

Fast road - [1x gum, 1x metal] Faster!!!

Active Infrastructure Edit

Power Station - [3x metal, 2x pearl] If starting with no power station (and one is required) this should be built before all others (0th thing to build), otherwise materials will not be produced.

Windmill - [6x metal, 1x pearl] Once constructed it will automatically produce batteries, it does not require units to man it, nor does it require power. If the batteries provided at the beginning run out before a windmill is built, then all production will cease and you will have to restart, therefore when starting with few materials (and power is required), this is the 3rd thing to build.

Altar - [3x meat, 1x bone] Feed it. Feel the power.

Cargo Station - [5x metal, 3x food] New Addition!! Buzz buzz.

Biobait - [3x pills, 1x gears, 2x metal] New Addition!! Defense against Mosquitoes.

Motivator - [1x food, 1x meat, 5x metal] New Addition!! Work harder!!

Production Modules Edit

Primary Producers Edit

Factory - [4x metal, 2x pearl] Gets clogged with junk. When starting with few materials, this is the 2nd thing to build.

Mine - [5x metal] When starting with few materials, this is the 1st thing to build. Later in the game, mines are less important as destroyed enemies will produce additional metal.

Farm - [1x pearl, 3x metal] Mmmmm meat.

Refined Producers Edit

Meat Grinder - [1x meat, 6x metal] Always seems to be the bottleneck.

Laboratory - [5x metal, 1x food] Food hog.

Bomb Workshop - [6x metal, 1x bone] Caution. Place carefully.

Drone Assembler - [4x metal, 2x gum] New Addition!!!

Smeltery - [1x bone, 2x gum, 5x metal] New Addition!!!

Miscellaneous Edit

Palace - [6x gum, 2x metal] Feed it gum, or it will eat you alive.

Auxiliary Modules Edit

House [5x pearl, 1x metal] The only way to produce units.

Junkyard - [2x pearl, 5x metal] Magic.

Defensive Modules Edit

Turret - [1x pearl, 3x metal] Pew pew.

Laser - [3x gum, 4x metal] Hehehe, who needs turrets...

Auxiliary Producers Edit

Ammunition - [4x metal, 4x pearl]

Bioreactor - [9x gum] It eats units and you get what they're made of.

Garbage Factory - [5x gears, 2x bone] Turns junk into something useful.

Science Center - [3x gears, 2x metal] New Addition!!! Mad Science!!!

Offensive Modules Edit

Airport - [2x metal, 3x gum, 2x bone] Makes airplanes, the bringers of death.

Discoverable Modules Edit

Monument - This cannot (currently) be built and must be "discovered". To discover a monument it must be connected to your base and manned by a unit in production mode. It will be discovered, shown by the appearance of peripheral marks, and will release a bunch of units upon completion. The monument will then go dormant (indicated by a pause glow) and the production unit will leave.

Constructing Modules Edit

Construction Menu Edit

Tap on any Platform. A green '+' appears at the bottom, which will open up the construction menu. In that menu are 3 panels, from left to right: Infrastructure, Production, Auxiliary. Click on the module you want to build and drop it near the platform you want to build from.

Construction Shortcuts Edit

When a platform is selected 3 shortcuts appear at the top middle of the screen.

Quick Modules Edit

Opens a menu showing modules that can be built. When a module is selected in the menu that module will be connected to the platform in a location usually where there is room, but sometimes it will place the module randomly, sometimes interfering with other modules that have been designated to be built. This can be useful to help spam houses.

Quick Platforms Edit

When this shortcut menu is open tapping on an area of the map will usually place a designation to construct a platform and this platform will be connected to the nearest platform that already exists or is designated to be constructed. Useful to quickly build a pathway to a far away object such as a monument or a deposit.

Link Upgrades Edit

Not entirely sure of this shortcut's behavior, but it seems that when selected the player can then tap on an existing normal road to designate it to be upgraded into a fast road.

Placement Edit

Welcome to hell. See full page (TBD)

Building process Edit

The next level of hell. Requires units in construction mode. See full page (TBD)

Removing Modules Edit

Deconstructing Edit

Most built modules can be deconstructed by selecting it and hitting the red 'x' in the upper left corner. This is useful for clearing up space and rearranging the base, however it does not recover materials used in constructing that module.

There is red 'x' that appears in the upper corner during quick platforms construction (and other modes) which allows you to exit this mode. The position of the deconstruction and mode exit 'x's are slightly different (deconstruction 'x' is lower on the screen). Mistaking these two can result in you accidentally deconstructing a critical module.

Destroying Edit

When deconstructing just won't do. There are two modules that cannot be deconstructed, houses and palaces. There is a 10 second window after being built that they can be deconstructed, after which they can only be removed by destroying them with a bomb. This can be done by dropping a bomb on them via an airplane or building a bomb factory or junkyard holding a bomb in proximity then deconstructing that.