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Materials are used by your units to construct different Modules and other Materials through specific Modules. There are many different Materials and some cant be accessed unless other materials are combined.

List of Materials[]


  • --[Material Name]
    • Obtained Through: --[Ways to get this Material]
    • Recipe: --[What other materials are needed to create this one, Sometimes not listed as the certain material does not need other materials to be produced]
    • Can be used for: --[Uses for this Material]
    • Automatic Production: --[Weather or not this material needs a Producer Units on site to be created]


  • Metal Metal.jpg
    • Obtained Through: Mine, Killing Enemies, Garbage Factory
    • Can be used for: Module, Road and Material Construction
    • Automatic Production: No (Mine, Garbage Factory) / N/A (Killing Enemies)
  • Pearls Pearl.jpg
    • Obtained Through: Factory
    • Junk is generated during production, but no ingredients are needed
    • Can be used for: Module, Unit, Road and Material production
    • Automatic Production: No
  • Meat Meat.jpg
    • Obtained Through: Farm, Bioreactor
    • Can be used for: Food and Gum production
    • Automatic Production : No (Farm) / Yes (Bioreactor)
  • Food Food.jpg
    • Obtained Through: Meat Grinder
    • Recipe : 2 Meat + 1 Metal = 1 Food, 1 Junk
    • Can be used for: Unit and Material Construction
    • Automatic Production: No
  • Junks Junk.png
    • Obtained Through: Most kinds of productions as a side product, killed units
    • Can be used for: Metal production in Garbage Factory
    • Automatic production: Corpses from battles and Bioreactor remains - Yes / Everything else - no
    • Usually useless, outright burnt in Junkyard
  • Gums Gum.jpg
    • Obtained Through: Laboratory
    • Recipe : 1 pearl + 1 meat + 1 food = 1 gum + 1 junk
    • Can be used for: Fast Road and Module Construction, Fuel/Food for Palace
    • Automatic Production: No
  • Bones Bone.jpg
    • Obtained Through: Bioreactor, white Deposit Mine
    • Recipe : 1 Unit = 1 junk, 1-2 meat, 1-2 bone (If Bioreactor space allows) / NA for mine
    • Can be used for: Fuel for Altar, Module Construction
    • Automatic Production : Yes (Bioreactor) / No (Mine)
  • Batteries Battery.png
    • Obtained Through: Windmill
    • Can be used for: Fuel for Power Station and Laser Turret, Bomb and Drone production
    • Automatic Production: Yes
  • Cartridges Cartridge.png
    • Obtained Through: Ammunition (a Module)
    • Can be used for: Ammo for Turrets, Bomb production
    • Automatic Production: Yes
  • Gears Gear.png
    • Obtained Through: Smeltery
    • Recipe: 1 gear = 3 metal + 1 gum
    • Can be used for: Module construction, Motivator fuel (defence mode), Drone production
    • Automatic Production : No
  • Bombs Bomb.jpg
    • Obtained Through: Bomb Workshop, enemy drones
    • Recipe: 1 bomb = 1 gum + 1 battery + 1 cartridge
    • Can be used for: Ammo for Airport
    • Automatic Production : No (Workshop) / ~Yes (drones)
    • Extra note: if Module with it is destroyed/salvaged explodes. Considering that Enemy Drones lay bombs in (almost) every module this may cause a chain reaction that wipes out entire base if not managed via Bomb-storing Junkyard
  • Pills Pill.png
    • Obtained Through: friendly bases
    • Recipe: None
    • Can be used for: Module construction, Friendly workshop, Pacifier Fuel
    • Automatic production: No
    • Extra note: Pills can not be obtained through buildings and can only be used for the friendly workshop as of November 2019
  • Candies Candy.png
    • Obtained Through: Friendly base with max euphoria
    • Recipe: None
    • Can be used for: Softener fuel
    • Automatic production: No
    • Extra note: To stop a friendly base from giving it, you have to use the pills you earned to build and powering a pacifier.