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Achikaps is a real-time-strategy Android game created by Yiotro.

Welcome to the Achikaps Wiki[]

This wiki is a source of tips, guides, and information about Achikaps! This wiki is relatively new and under continued construction. Everyone is free to help construct this wikia that will inform people that need help.

(This wiki is outdated. Someone might help add updated stuff to raise up the Achikaps Wiki from the dead)


See Game Modes for descriptions on the various game slots of the game.

Achikaps (Free Version)[]

This version contains:

  • Campaign: 50 map levels
  • User Levels: Maps created and submitted by users.
  • Sandbox: Maps which are "randomly" generated from parameters set by the user.
  • Save slots: 4 save slots

This version can be found at It does not have advertisements or any in app purchases.

Achikaps Pro (Paid Version)[]

This version contains:

  • Campaign: 150 map levels
  • User Levels
  • Custom Map Maker
  • Sandbox
  • Save Slots: Unlimited save slots

This version can be found at

Game Overview[]

Achikaps is a 2D real time strategy game. You build a base and defend it against attackers.

Major Sections[]

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Game Modes


Custom Map Maker

Latest activity[]

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