Achikaps Wiki

Achikaps offers a range of different game modes inside its game that each have their own set of rules and game styles. There are four main "game modes" that are different from one another.

Game Modes[]

The four main styles of play are:


Is a set of levels, and are only unlocked once the previous one in the campaign is completed. Generally, each level becomes more difficult. The first several levels have tutorials and instructions built in.

The free version of the app has 50 levels. Additional levels are available in the Achikaps Pro app.

User Levels[]

Maps created and submitted by users. They are made via the Level Editor. The difficulty of these levels vary widely (some possibly impossible) and may have bugs.

Some user levels can are found in the Achikaps app through the "User Levels" button, found in the main menu screen. There is a load option to add additional game levels.


Sandbox mode is similar to Campaign, but allows you to change the settings for a custom level, which then you play. Sandbox mode has no concrete objectives, when one is finished others are added.

Level Editor (Pro)[]

It allows you to build and share your own levels.

Only available in the Achikaps Pro app.